General Practice

We act as the de facto general counsel for a number of clients who wish to do business in the United States with a relatively small overhead. Clients range from newly minted start-ups to medium-sized companies and investors taking their first steps to doing business in the USA to established subsidiaries and branches of European companies where the size or organizational structure of the US entities does not justify the cost of a legal department of their own.

We provide all of the services relevant to doing business in the United States including the incorporation or formation of subsidiaries, the registration of branches, the ongoing corporate “housekeeping” and the winding-up and dissolution of such entities.

In addition, we help with opening bank accounts, selecting third-party providers such as accountants, and can provide the documentary framework associated with ventures into the United States, including contracts to retain employees or independent contractors, licensing, distribution and marketing agreements, manufacturing, sales and service contracts, other operational contracts, general terms and conditions and related matters.

Furthermore, we advise on risk management matters and serve as a single point of contact for our client’s legal questions. In certain areas such as immigration or tax we will sometimes involve specialized counsel but we tend to maintain a direct line of communication with the client on all matters.