Gilmartin, Poster & Shafto LLP is a small law firm formed in 1973 concentrating primarily on commercial and business matters.

Our principal clients are either major national and multi-national corporations and institutions, or successful entrepreneurs and their organizations. Many of our clients may have on-going relationships with law firms all over the world but select our firm either for its particular strengths in certain areas of the practice or because a problem is sufficiently important and complex that it warrants the concentrated and personal attention of highly experienced practitioners.

In addition, we also fulfill the role usually reserved for trusted in-house counsel for a number of enterprises and counsel on the broad array of issues confronting our clients, at times with the assistance of specialized or foreign counsel.

The hallmarks of our practice are the total immersion of seasoned practitioners in assignments and providing our clients with service of a quality at least equal to that of our larger competitors whom we often find on the other side of transactions in which we participate. However, our size and structure permits lower overhead costs and allows for close interaction between clients and the attorney of their choice. Clients selecting us to represent them as their de facto general counsel usually do so because they recognize the efficiency and cost-savings provided by this arrangement.

The experience of each of our practitioners in many diversified fields gives each the ability to find precedents and solutions to new or unforeseen problems.